sustainable & affordable housing

“Affordable homes equate to sustainable impact in the broadest sense.” 

Ian Shapiro




Housing is one of the largest - and least known - contributors to climate change, accounting for 40% of global energy use and emissions. 



THE Solution

The technology and know-how to make sustainable and affordable housing a reality exists. 

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The market opportunity

Sustainable and affordable housing offers a $420bn annual investment opportunity, driven by rising consumer demand.

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investment areas

Our systems-based investment approach accounts for all aspects of sustainable and affordable housing, from sustainable and climate-resilient construction, to utility efficiency and community living.


Potential investment OPPORTUNITIES

Investing with Drashta opens access to game-changing solutions.

Green housing


Innovative and inclusive development and bridging loans, assessing applicants on the sustainability and social impact proposition of the property.

Tech-enabled affordability

A leading technology player that uses 3D printing to simplify, expedite, and make affordable house building.​

Smart emissions tracking

A company committed to reducing emissions by helping people track their energy consumption and make better choices.



Investing in Sustainable & Affordable housing contributes towards 8 of the Sustainable Development Goals:

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