nature based


“Mitigating the impact of biodiversity loss...requires a fundamental shift in economic thought.”

World Economic Forum




Even as people begin to develop solutions to climate change, these often fail to incorporate nature and its resources - putting half the world’s GDP at risk. 



THE Solution

Nature based solutions highlight the role of nature itself to restore ecological balance in the world. 

Image by Yannis Papanastasopoulos

The market opportunity

Nature-based solutions present an annual $10 trillion opportunity globally.



investment areas

Via our systems-based investment approach, we take a holistic view to investing in nature-based solutions - from ecosystem restoration and conservation, to sustainable use of resources and production of consumer goods.​​


Potential investment OPPORTUNITIES

Investing with Drashta opens access to game-changing solutions.

Tech-driven coral reef restoration

A solution to grow coral 50x faster while making them more resilient to warming and acidifying oceans.

Pioneering timber alternatives 

A company that develops and grows its own line of crops which sequesters carbon 15x faster than trees. 

Innovative agricultural fund

A company that strategically finances the scaling of smallholder agricultural value chains while conserving expansive areas of rainforest.



Investing in nature based solutions contributes towards 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals:

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